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In 2017, Mia Wilkenson, was a typical four-year-old-girl attending Kindy.  She loved swimming and gymnastics and was very proud of herself for having just mastered riding a bike.  In October 2017, Mia suddenly went from perfectly happy, active, cheeky and healthy to critically ill, in intensive care and on life support.  She was suffering from Sepsis, her body’s immune response to Influenza A, Influenza B, Respiratory Syncytial Virus and an invasive Streptococcal A bacterial infection.  Amazingly she survived, however as a result of the illness she has become a quad amputee, having her arms amputated below her elbows and her legs amputated below her knees.

The Lion Richlands was introduced to Mia and the Wilkenson family last year by local legend and community fundraising hero, Damien Lacy. Damien, who has his own plumbing business, Damien Lacy Plumbing, has been assisting the Richlands and surrounding community for many years over many projects.

When Damien introduced Mia to The Lion Richlands, the team all fell in love with this amazing little girl who has defied death and shown us that with big hearts and big dreams… you can do anything.

The Lion Richlands together with Damien Lacy and dozens of local businesses throughout South West Brisbane, held a charity golf day at Gailes Golf Club and raised over $10,000 to help the Wilkensen family purchase new prosthetics for Mia.

Now with Leo, The Lion Richlands’ newest community Ambassador, the team are out to raise even more funds to assist Mia and her family as they continue to battle this very long journey Mia has each and every day.



Simply by purchasing a LITTLE LEO plush toy, you will be helping the team here at THE LION raise funds to go towards building a ramp on the side of the Wilkenson’s house to give Mia easier access in and out of her home.

The LITTLE LEO’s are only $29.95 each and are avaiable to be purchased from reception at the club. We endeavour to have LITTLE LEO’s also available online as well in the near future.

All profits from each purchase will go towards the Mia Wilkinson Trust – Necessitous Circumstances Fund.

If you would like to make further donations you can do this at The Lion Richlands or via https://movementformia.org/donate/


For more information about Mia’s story – https://movementformia.org/miasstory/

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