The Lion Richlands offers a self- service keno terminal that is located in gaming or, you can purchase keno tickets from the Gaming Cashier, Island Bar as well as Sports Bar.
If you are needing some assistance with keno, simply ask one of our friendly staff members. We have many TV screens located all throughout the club so that you can keep up with your games no matter where you are.
Have you ever wondered what Keno is and how to play?

The first thing to know about Keno is there’s a draw every few minutes. So it doesn’t matter when you decide to play, there’s always a draw about to begin.
In each Keno draw, 20 numbers are drawn from the 80 available on the Keno screen. Match the numbers you’re playing on your ticket to the numbers drawn to win. Even when you don’t match all your numbers, you could still win a prize.

What’s the difference between Keno Classic Vs Keno Mega Millions?

Keno Classic and Keno Mega Millions are two types of Keno games that are played the same way and use the same draw to determine the winners. The difference is simply how much it costs and how much you could win.

Keno Classic gives you the chance to win a jackpot of at least $1 million with a $1 entry, while Keno Mega Millions gives you the chance to win a jackpot of at least $5 million with a $2 entry.

With both games, all you need to do is pick the numbers you want to play and see if they appear on the Keno screen. The more numbers you choose to play between 1-10, the more you can win.

What’s Keno Heads or Tails?

Keno Heads or Tails is a super simple Keno game that gives you the chance to double or quadruple the amount you spend. All you have to do is guess which half of the Keno grid you think more numbers will appear in a single draw.

A winning Heads result means 11 or more numbers were drawn between 1 and 40, the top half of the screen. A winning Tails result means 11 or more numbers were drawn between 41 and 80, the bottom half of screen. An Evens result means 10 numbers were drawn in both the top half and bottom half of the screen.

Play your favourite numbers or try a Keno Kwikpik

Some Keno players tell us they always play their “favourite” numbers on their tickets. From family birthdates to house numbers, Keno players draw their number inspiration from everywhere.

For those who can’t decide, a Keno Kwikpik lets you play randomly picked numbers on one or more games. Kwikpik packages are available for both Keno Classic and Keno Mega Millions. Simply decide how much you’d like to spend and how much you’d like to play for.

Once you’ve got your Keno ticket in your hand or your entry in online, you’re in with a chance to win. Next draw begins in 3…2…1…