Please read these conditions so you are familiar with them. In using The Lion’s Den Kids Club, you are confirming that you have read understood and agree with these conditions.
  • The Lion’s Den Kids Club is available to The Lion Richlands members and their guests.
  • Parents/Guardians must have a valid membership card to sign kids in which must be sighted. NO MEMBERSHIP CARD, NO ENTRY!
  • The Lion Richlands IS NOT liable for any injury to a child while in The Lion’s Den Kids Club.
  • The Lion Richlands IS NOT responsible for any personal valuables such as toys, electronic devices etc that are brought into The Lion’s Den Kids Club.
  • The Parent/Guardian signing the child/children in is the only person permitted to sign the child/children out.
  • Parents can be contacted 5 minutes before the child is due to be signed out to ensure the child is signed out on time.
  • Parents/Guardians MUST NOT leave the licensed premises while the child/children are signed in. – That includes leaving to go to the Football Fields.
  • If the parent/guardian has to leave the club and is leaving the child/children in another parent/guardian’s care while they are signed into The Lion’s Den, they must notify the staff and modify the sign in sheet.
Age Groups Permitted:
  • Supervision is provided for children ages 3 – 17.
  • All children must be fully toilet trained. No Nappies or Pull ups.
  • Children requiring nappies or pull-ups, or under the age of 3 years must be supervised by a parent or guardian through the duration of their attendance in The Lion’s Den Kids Club.
Hours Permitted:
  • Maximum of 4 hours in The Lion’s Den Kids Club per day.
  • The Lion’s Den daily time limit applies to all age groups.
  • Children must be taken out for a 30 minute break after 2 hours in The Lion’s Den Kids Club.
  • Children must be checked on after 1 hour. 
Responsibility for Children & Guests:
  • The well-being of children and guests attending The Lion’s Den Kids Club is the responsibility of the parents / guardians of the child/children attending.
  • NO food purchased from Cafe or Restaurant is permitted, this includes ice-creams and drinks.
  • NO alcohol or glass is permitted.
  • The Lion’s Den accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any person, equipment or merchandise left on the premises prior to, during or after their visit. The parents indemnify The Lion’s Den against any such claim, action, loss or damage.
Damage to The Lion’s Den Kids Club:
  • Any damage to The Lion’s Den room, equipment, themeing, decorations or facilities incurred during the visit is to be paid by the parent
Lost Property:
  • Lost property will be held for 24 hours only and then discarded if unclaimed.

The Lion’s Den reserves the right to cancel a visit at any time for any reason.

  • Disruptive behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated.
  • Parents/Guardians will be notified of such behaviour & your child/children may be exempt from using The Lion’s Den Kids Club for the remainder of the day/evening.
  • If a child/children are constantly displaying a bad habit of disruptive behaviour on several occasions, a ban from using The Lion’s Den Kids Club may apply.
  • Regardless of the circumstances, if physical violence is displayed towards another child or staff member, the child/children will be removed from The Lion’s Den Kids Club for the remainder of the day/evening i.e. hitting, biting, smacking or punching. A ban from The Lion’s Den Kids Club could be placed on the child/children involved.
  • Verbal abuse from parents/guardians towards staff will not be tolerated, the Manager on Duty will become involved & may result in not being able to access The Lion’s Den Kids Club.
  • If The Lion’s Den Kids Club staff deem an activity a child/children are performing to be unsafe, then they will be asked to stop the activity, failure to do so will result in the parent/guardian to collect their child/children.
Game/Vending Machine Refunds
  • No refunds are given due to machine faults from our till.
  • To receive a refund, you must contact the machine company. Contact numbers can be found on the machines.
Admittance is at the discretion of the Lion’s Den Staff on duty | Please note that The Lion’s Den is under Video Surveillance.