We offer a prominent position in our magazine for your partner advertisements. These can be a series of different advertisements throughout the year to feature your promotions, sales and events. We look forward to working with you to create interviews, stories and editorials to familiarise and further endear your business to our local (but large) audience.


Becoming a major partner with Lions FC will not only give you access to one of the most successful football clubs in Queensland but also enables you to have access to one of the largest and most successful licensed premises in Queensland. Currently boasting over 50,000 active members through our licensed club our reach is like no other and with our success on the football field why not join in and be part of the winning team.


We seek partnerships. Our focus is on tailoring a sponsorship offer that directly supports your business objectives and needs. We take the time to work with you to create a relationship that is not only commercially valuable, but supports your broader ambitions such as community engagement, charity and other important areas. As a club we are guided by our values, and as such will ensure that all sponsors not only align with ours, but with each others… creating a true community, a powerful network and further opportunities for leverage and collaboration. We look forward to creating a valuable and lasting relationship with you and your team.