By Guy Hazlewood, featured on The Lake News

Kate Crowdey, beverage supervisor at The Lion Richlands and one of the top three finalists in the Diageo and Clubs Queensland Cocktail Competition on March 21, finds great joy in mixology and, following her recent successes on that front, has been inspired to share the story behind her new creation, the Dragon Elixir.

“I have a passion for crafting cocktails, evident in my role as the creator of the Lions Club Richland Cocktails of the Month,” Kate said.

“I love delighting customers with my creations and seized the opportunity to show my skills in the cocktail competition.

“For the competition, I chose to reinvent the French martini, infusing it with the spirit of the year of the dragon.”

Her cocktail, named Dragon Elixir, combines Tanqueray No10 gin, with Ciroc Passionfruit vodka and a splash of blood orange soft drink.

“I experimented with 16 different recipes, focusing on taste, visual appeal, and a creative name,” said Kate.

When asked about her advice for aspiring bartenders, Kate emphasises creativity, fun, and attention to detail.

“Let your personality shine through your creations,” she said.

“Experiment with flavour combinations and techniques, and pay attention to every detail, from garnishes to measurements.”

Kate‘s Dragon Elixir


· 30mls Tanqueray No Ten gin

· 15mls Ciroc Passionfruit Vodka

· 3 pieces of pink dragon fruit

· 30mls passionfruit Pulp

· 30mls Schweppes Agrum Blood orange soft drink


1. Add 3 pieces of pink dragon fruit into a Boston glass and muddle.

2. Add 30mls Tanqueray Gin No Ten, 15mls Ciroc Vodka & 30mls passionfruit Pulp.

3. Add a scoop of ice and shake.

4. Double strain into a Champagne coupe glass.

5. Top with 30mls Schweppes Agrum Blood orange soft drink.

6. Garnish with a slice of pink dragon fruit