Inspirational Women

At The Lion Richlands, we are proud to be a premier hospitality venue in Southeast Queensland, offers cutting-edge gaming, fine dining, an extended trading café, a lively Sports Bar, a relaxing Lounge, a Kids Club, and TAB/Keno facilities. Yet, it’s the warm and welcoming team that draws members in time and again.

Let’s celebrate the remarkable women contributing to our renowned reputation this Mother’s Day.

Chantel Nursey
Café Manager

Coming to Australia from South Africa as an immigrant in 2008, Chantel has started her career in hospitality since then. How did a 33-year-old woman with two kids and only $274 in her pocket create a new life in a foreign country and get the position of Cafe Manager at The Lion Richlands today? It is undoubtedly a story of a strong mother and a wife.

Since moving to work at The Lion Richlands almost six years ago, Chantel has been career-driven, with a mindset to learn and grow. She quickly obtained her Certificate 3 in Hospitality, Food, and Health Safety. Through hard work and determination, she earned the position of Cafe Manager.

In 2023, Chantel and her team at The Cafe were finalists for Best Cafe in the Keno & Clubs Queensland Awards For Excellence. This year, their hard work paid off as The Cafe won the prestigious title of Best Cafe, a well-deserved recognition of Chantel and the team’s dedication.

“Be positive and motivated; everything else will fall in line,” Chantel once said, reflecting her outlook on life. She shares a heartfelt message this Mother’s Day: “As a mother, the priority is your kids, but never put your dream on hold.”

Nguyet Vu Bach
Vietnamese Cultural Manager

Nguyet’s journey in hospitality began differently from Chantel’s despite having the same story of moving to Australia from a different country. Nguyet worked in marketing and administration before starting her career at The Lion Richlands.

When she first arrived in Australia, language barriers and cultural differences were inevitable difficulties for Nguyet. Her original plan was to get a night job that would allow her to take care of her child and earn extra income. However, with her knowledge of Vietnamese culture and marketing and her ceaseless efforts, Nguyet has contributed significantly to building awareness among Vietnamese patrons.

Nguyet explained that The Lion Richlands is situated in a multicultural area, which makes it well-known among the locals. However, her ideas have been invaluable in connecting and creating an entertainment hub for the Vietnamese community. Her efforts have played a significant role in making The Lion Richlands a welcoming space for people of diverse backgrounds to come together and enjoy.

“Love your work and love your life!” – stated Nguyet.

Kate Crowdey
Beverage Supervisor

If Chantel and Nguyet’s narratives exemplify the strength of mothers, then Kate’s story is one of a resilient daughter and a young, inspirational female.

As a first-generation school-based trainee at The Lion Richlands, Kate discovered her talent and passion for making cocktails, diverging from her initial dream of becoming a diesel fitter. “I saw the opportunities at The Lion Richlands to learn and do different things”, Kate reflected. “And the decision to participate in the program has changed my career path”.

She was appointed Beverage Supervisor when she just turned 18. In this role, Kate oversees beverage coordination and is responsible for creating new cocktails of the month, which has boosted cocktail sales at the venue. Recently, Kate secured second place at the 2024 Diageo and Clubs Queensland Cocktail Competition.

At the age of 21, Kate is an exemplary model for overcoming the fear of gender stereotypes and embodies the strength of a daughter dedicated to her career while caring for her mother. She encourages others not to be daunted by societal norms, advising, “Don’t be scared to try new things even if they aren’t aligned with your plan.”

With a sweet gesture, Kate extends love to all mothers, saying, “Love to all of you and love to you, Mum. Thank you for being a great inspiration of strength.”